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Still living the dream... Apr 25, 2016

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    1. BoiseTelecaster
      Hi Grolan,

      I remembered you liking my white cvc tele. There is one on ebay if you wanted to check it out.

      Ebay Item: 182219755188

      1. grolan1
        Thanks for the heads up... it truly is a great guitar but to rich for my blood.

        Hope you sell it to someone that loves them as much as I do.
        Aug 4, 2016
      2. BoiseTelecaster
        Hi Grolan. That one isn't mine. My CVC isn't going anywhere. Just passing along a tip.
        Aug 4, 2016
    2. Jonzilla
      Good morning! I just read something about bypass the NFB in your bassman? Using the ground switch? If you have any resource or info on that, I'm very interested in doing something similar to my own bassman. If not, thanks anyway.

      1. grolan1
        I didn't do it myself, my tech did.. very easy update/mod. I wish I could help you more, but any tech would be able to do it. Or ask Wally or Muchx on this site and I'm sure they would help you out. I love it use it almost 100%,
        Jun 7, 2016
    3. grolan1
      Still living the dream...
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    54 Fender Strat, Channel Bound Fender Tele, Larrivee RS-4, Larrivee RS-2, 18 Gibson SG Special, Squier LPB Strat, Squier Gold Squier, Squier CVC Butterscotch Tele, 79 Yamaha SR400/SR500, 64 Fender Tremolux, 69 Fender VR, 69 Fender VC, Fargen Mini-Plex
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