sexy blackguard

north american alder body (bit richer sound than ash - which i also tried), fat "V" maple neck with early 50s decal and fender vintage round string tree and Tusq nut, 60s fender "F" neckplate (i just like the design ), fender 52 bakelite guard, bareknuckle country boy pickups, standard modern wiring with .001 cap on volume and 47k sprague orange drop between vol and tone, CTS 250k non-split shaft pots, fender 60s chrome plated brass barrel knobs (another style i like), standard fender jack cup, standard fender control plate, fender early 50s barrel switch knob, fender vintage 3 way switch, cloth push back wire, no name klusons, schaller strap locks, joe barden bridge, d'addario 10s. all shielded with heavy copper shielding. looking to create a "custom 50s" type tele with a lot of twang. total cost = around ?550 ~ $900

sexy blackguard
chisa, Jun 7, 2009
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    Jun 7, 2009
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