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Old December 21st, 2013, 05:46 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Anybody fixed ground hum in a tele like this?

My friend has a Mexican Fender tele that has been in his home for a long time. A few friends, including myself, regularly play this guitar.

My buddy fixed a grounding problem causing hum by drilling a new hole in the metal plate and soldering the ground wire. It seemed to get rid of much of the hum. Any remaining hum might be further reduced by adding foil and/or replacing the pups with less noisy pups.

Here is a 3 part video on the fix and testing the guitar:

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There is no reason to have to drill a new hole in a Mexican Tele to install or fix a bridge ground wire
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I mean no offence whatsoever, but not everything needs to have a YouTube video dedicated to it, let alone three. It looks to me like the ground wire for the bridge is missing, and replacing it was all that is needed. The lug under the pickup spring was never going to be a permanent fix, the screw through the bridge plate is better, but unnecessary.

I freely admit to overcomplicating things on a regular basis, but there's no reason to go to extremes when grounding a Telecaster bridge plate, soldering, brazing, bolting aren't necessary, just sandwich the bare ground wire between the body and the control plate. It's a time tested method.
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Thanks dsutton24 and waparker4 for your comments.
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