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Old September 7th, 2010, 10:42 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Fender Tele Setup Specs

I'm trying to get a handle on the current "Fender Factory Setup" specs.

When I compared the setup specs on Fender's web-site with the "Fender Factory Specs" referenced in Dan Erlewine's book (Guitar Player Repair Guide, 3rd Edition), I noted the following:

Neck Relief:
Fender Web-Site, .008"-.012" at 8th fret (depending on neck radius)
Dan Erlewine, .012" (measured at 7th fret)

Fender Web-Site, 3/64"-5/64" at 17th fret (depending on neck radius)
Dan Erlewine, 4/64" (measured at 17th fret)

Pickup Height:
Fender Web-Site, 4/64"-8/64" (depending on pickup)
Dan Erlewine, 6/64" (treble side), 8/64"(bass side)

Based upon the above, there appears to be two different versions of "Fender Factory Setup" specs. Can this be true? Is the Fender web-site outdated? Is Dan using his friend from Fender's specs? It's interesting that Dan Erlewine's specs do not seem to depend upon neck radius or type of pickups installed.

I do realize that any setup specs are merely a starting point and that each player will make final adjustments according to his/her own music style and preferences; therefore, I'd like to establish a basic standard for doing my setups.

For those of you who have setup standards, what are you using? Are you using Dan Erlewine's specs? Are you using the specs on Fender's web-site? Have you developed your own specs?

Thanks for the help, guys.

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Looks like other than the neck, Dan's in the middle of the road there,

Like you said, it is a START point so this couple 64's in specs is MOOT.

I have 8 electrics and in the end, there isn't really a common.

All of this is pretty much how a player wants it in the end (action), so they each are "fine tuned" per string. If you play mostly rhythm, you will probably have the action on the high side to eliminate fret buzz. If you want to pick leads and riffs like lightning you may want it AS CLOSE as possible.

I read a good suggestion I use in neck set up to compensate for irregularities in the neck/fretboard.

capo on the 2nd fret, depress the 3rd and or 4th string at the 17th and check string to fret clearance at the 10th, adjust the rod to get about .005" -.006".

I have found quite a variance in necks & frets. I am not that good a player to spend all my $$ on fret level jobs and so called TECHS setting up my guitars to get them PERFECT.

As far as pickups..........wew you can go all over with them..............start at any point there and throw the ruler away and use your ears to set them. All the different models have
their own sweetspot.

The more YOU do this the more YOU will get the tweeks that work for you. I really is VERY simple.
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