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Brent Mason tele wannabe (wiring/pickup question)

Maybe Terry downs can help me out with this one or someone with some connections to the man himself (BWG). I'm a huge BM fan as many of you are. Sure do wish I could play like him but I may as well forget that so I've decided to build yet another primer tele wannabe. However I'm hoping my tele project turns out a little closer to Brent's than my playing has. I know a lot of you guys have done this and I need some advice. In my years of research and parts collecting I'm getting closer to starting it if that makes any sense. I'm hoping some of you wiring wizards can help me out, yes that means you Mr. Downs.
Anyway I managed to come up with an old ('70s or '80s) maroon seymour duncan strat stack just like the one Brent uses. I know the Valley Arts version uses a modern Hot StackŪ for Strat STK-S2 and a Vintage stack in the bridge. However I want to use this old stack like his and a nashville studio/ 5/2tele pickup in the bridge which is more like his. And I guess I'll just have to get either an antiquity or a Gibson mini humbucker for the neck position.
I was reading an ebook interview Brent did with Brian Wampler I purchased and when talking about designing the new Valley Arts model he said they had some problems wiring the new model because Seymour duncan had changed the phase of their pickups since his originals were purchased. The stack is what I'm worried about, it has all the same color wires the new version does but I don't know if it's the same internally or electronicly or whatever. How can I find out? I emailed Seymour duncan and didn't get much help, here is what I got.

It sounds like one of your coils on that pickup is shorting. With the
red and white tide together the pickups should read the same with black
hot green ground or green hot black ground. I have heard that Brent
Mason wires his stack in power boost mode. We have a wiring diagram on
our web site under teles call power boost for tele stack. That is your
best bet for wiring the stack to get Mason's tones. The 52 for tele and
the antiquity mini humbucker will work just fine with the stack for
strat. Bret himself uses the vintage stack for tele in the bridge, and
the hot stack for strat in the middle with a mini humbucker in the neck.

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First Name: Brad
Last Name: Bussell
Question: I am building a Brent Mason look alike tele. In my search for
parts I found and purchased a 1970's or 1980's Strat stack (STK2 maybe?)
with a solid maroon cover excactly like the one in Brent's guitar. I
have heard that Seymour Duncan has changed the phase at some point. The
wires are the same colors as the modern STK-S2 however I don't know if
they are exctly the same electronicly or whatever. Are the Green wire
and Black wire opposite maybe? I really don't understand it. If it helps
any the pickup reads: around 6.7k ohms with the green wire tied to groud
and the black wire hot; and about 13.15k ohms with the green wire hot
and the black wire tied to ground. I found this quote from Brent Mason
himself in an interview about his valley arts signature series which
uses a modern STK-S2. "Found that Seymour Duncan had changed the phase

his pick-up since I bought those a long time ago because they wired them

identical and when you did that pull knob in the middle, it went out of

phase. Later to find out that he changed the phasing on the pick-ups

a while." Any help would be appreciated as well as advice as to whether
or not a new 5/2 tele bridge pickup and antiquity neck mini humbucker in
the neck position will work well with this pickup. Thanks

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