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Old May 23rd, 2013, 03:33 AM   #1 (permalink)
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help identifying and finding a Fender Squier

hi all:

Back in my youth, I bought my first guitar, sight-unseen, from Daddy's Junky Music Store (remember them?). It was a Fender Squier strat in red but what was unique to me about this guitar was that the headstock said Fender in big letters in the usual spot, with a tiny 'MADE IN KOREA' under the Fender logo. Then on the round very end of the headstock, past the high-E tuner it says "Squier SERIES". Serial number is CN211437.

I was told that Fender's digital records only extend back in Korea to around '93 and even then they are hit or miss. I understand that sometime in the 80's, Fender began putting together both Fender and Squier guitars together in Korea. I have seen lot's of MIK guitars with big "Squier" letters and smaller "by Fender" logo's, but I have not seen any where the primary logo was Fender AND has the "Squier SERIES" tiny logo.

Can anyone tell me more about this guitar?

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Here's the exhaustive Squier Specs. & History guide that's 431 pages long! You might find answers quicker there-than asking about a Squier Strat on TDPRI. There are more Squier guitar variations out there than most of us might have thought.
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Have a look at this :
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They made the Squier series in Korea from about '91 to '94, these had Silver letters on the logo, and look a lot like Mim Standards. Then they started making them in Mexico, and used a black logo, but without the silver trim - probably to differentiate them from mim Standards. The Strats and Teles have cheap covered Tuners, but the Basses have pretty decent "Licensed by Schaller" full sized tuners. And they all have plywood bodies(at least the Korean ones, not sure about the mims.)

I've got a '93 Korean Squier series - Fender in big letters P Bass. I was shopping for a Mim Standard, when I found this one, that plays and sounds every bit as good, honestly better than a lot I tried - but was half the price.

The main reason these are cheaper, and have the "Squier series" decal added, is because the bodies are plywood. Now, don't cringe - it's not the same plywood you get at Home Depot to build a shed with. It's the left over slices of the same woods Fender used to make more expensive models(Alder, Ash, Basswood etc.) It's just that the pieces are stacked on top of each other, instead of being side by side.

I didn't know it was plywood when I bought it, I just knew it sounded GREAT both plugged in, and Acoustically. It's very resonant, and it's a nice weight too, pretty light, but still substantial feeling.

I wouldn't hesitate to score a Squier series again, these are really good!
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Yep, plywood body, nice neck. This one has seen its share of love but still nice. Rosewood neck, arctic white body. True, the "Made in Korea" is in really tiny letters.

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