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Old April 6th, 2011, 03:59 PM   #1 (permalink)
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First ever solo gig with two guitars. Need A/B box advice!!

I've played live plenty of times before, but never with two guitars. For this gig, Iím brining both my Tele and acoustic, and need some advice on how to hook these things up via an A/B box.

1. I want to run the Tele through my pedalboard into a Blues Jr., which will be micíd.

2. I want to run my acoustic through only my tuner, volume, and compressor, and then straight into the PA.

3. My pedal order for the event will be:
tuner > volume > compressor > delay > reverb.

4. My plan is to buy an A/B box, and place that right after the compressor.

5. Output 1 will be for my Tele, and will run through the delay and reverb into the Blues Jr.

6. Output 2 will go straight to the PA

Will this work? I donít own an A/B box, so thatís why Iím asking. And while we're on it, A/B box suggestions are welcome. On the one hand, I don't play live very often. On the other, if I'm going to buy an A/B box, I might as well get a good one. I don't know the difference between the Boss LS-2, Whirlwind, Morley, Radial Engineering, Lehle, etc.

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I'd use two. One in front of the tuner, so you can leave both guitars plugged in, and one after the compressor.

I have an A/B switch made by Boss; others will chime in with their suggestions.

If I'd known about it when I was shopping for tuners, I'd have gotten the Korg Pitchblack with two inputs and an A/B switch.
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Old April 6th, 2011, 04:09 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Carvin makes an inexpensive A/B box. I think its under 50 dollars. Works wonderfully.
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Boss LS-2, kind of an unsung hero in the world of signal management.
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Whirlwind selector me likes. I like the switch. No noise.
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