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The Stomp Box Effects pedals and their effect on your playing.

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Old March 9th, 2009, 11:59 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Route 66: Repair for Noise?

My in-laws bought me a Visual Sound Route 66 (the metal one, not the new one, which has noise reduction). I really enjoy both effects, and like the Route 66 because I would definitely have both a compressor and a TS on my board anyhow. However, both effects have quite a bit of noise when I turn them on (especially the compressor).

I know that Keeley used to mod these, but no longer does. Is there any way that I can have it repaired so that it's whisper quiet and maybe even true bypass? It would be great to have BOTH a top-quality compressor AND tube screamer in one pedal instead of replacing the in-laws' gift.


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Old March 9th, 2009, 12:33 PM   #2 (permalink)
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It is what it is - quite a noisy pedal, but it sounds great. Also, the buffer in it is really good, so TBing it will probably do more harm to your tone than good.

Honestly, I'd just learn to live with it if I were you. In fact, I did learn to live with it when I had one (before I foolishly sold all my pedals to put together a rack :facepalm: ). So long as you're playing, you don't hear the noise, and certainly in a band setting you'd never hear it.
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Old March 9th, 2009, 01:04 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Are you sure your Route 66 noise is abnormal? Have you compared it to other Route 66's? Maybe take yours into a guitar shop and compare it side by side with another one.

I just got a new Route 66 over the weekend and found the compressor with noise reduction on has less hiss than my Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher compressor. I don't think I'll bother changing the factory noise reduction setting. And the overdrive side of the Route 66 has the same amount of noise as my Sparkle Drive. I've only had a chance to play my new Rt66 once yesterday, but I like what I'm hearing so far.

BTW, at the store that I bought my Rt66 from I plugged in both an MXR Dynacomp and Rt66 together and switched back forth. The Dynacomp was much noisier. The Rt 66 still had some noise when I cranked the amp, but not as much as the Dynacomp. The noise reduction seems like it's doing it's job.
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When I got my Rt 66 a few years ago, I too thought it was noisy (especially on the compressor side). I called up the company and they had me put a fresh battery in, and voila, sounded fine.
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Craigslist cured it for me. just sayin.....
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