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Old May 3rd, 2010, 01:39 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Lead Dress

Is there a rule-of-thumb so to speak concerning lead dress? What I mean is, are certain leads coming close together going to cause more oscillation than others? How should I know which ones will do this?


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The general rule-of-thumb is to separate input leads as far as possible from output leads.
There are of course a lot of other things to think of when you are building an amp.Shielded leads grounded only on one end,heater leads twisted ,hugging the chassie and so on.Go to www.geofex.com.
www.ayanmusic.com/leaddress.htm will give you a few tips too.
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Go here:http://www.geofex.com/article_folder..._tube_amps.htm

Also study as many pictures of the insides of amplifiers as you can.
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Wires carrying out of phase signals should be seperated. Gain usually means signal inversion. so as Limbe says, seperate input and output. A Cathode Follower has no gain and there is no inversion, no no need to worry about its input vs output. Remember is you have a lot of gain stages, The odd number are out of phase with all the even numbers.

Again, as limbe says twist the heater wires, shoot for 3 turns per inch

Don't forget grounds can be carrying large currents and so can radiate noise magneticly.

Don't use the chassis as a ground conductor. Only two things should be electricly connected to the chassis, the incoming safety ground wire, and 1 connection to the ground network, preferbly at the input jack
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