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Finely Finished Discussion of painting, finishing and yes, even relicing your guitar. Remember relicing is a finish option not an affront to your emotions.

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Amber nitro & decals for my G&L sc-2 headstock?

Just received my G&L sc-2, and I'm already thinking that the heastock needs something extra.

the neck is hard rock maple, with a rosewood fretboard, and finished in clear satin.

I'm considering finishing the headstock with some of this:

and also adding some sort of extra waterslide decal to the headstock (not sure what though, open to suggestions ) as it's looking a bit 'bare' at the moment.

Am I ok to spray the nitro over the existing finish? and should I apply the decal first/ in between/ after coats?

Also, what's the general procedure for sanding/ buffing/ and clear coating for something like this?

Picture of an sc-2 headstock below (not mine, just to give some idea, although mine doesn't have that finish)


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going for a finish similar to that in the photo, but with more of a vintage fender tele/ strat kinda tone
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You should start by rubbing the headstock with 600 - 800 wet and dry so that the surface is a little rough. Fit your decal to the headstock and leave it for 24 hrs. Apply a couple or three mist coats of laquer to the headstock 24 hrs apart so that there is a ridge where the carrier paper lies on the headstock. Having left the lacquer to dry for 24 hrs rub very gently with 1200 wet and dry until flat. Apply some more lacquer but not too much and leave to dry for around 30 mins before spraying another coat. Leave for 24 hrs and then you will be able to spray your final coat of heavier lacquer. Let it dry for three or four days before you flatten back with more 1200 wet and dry and then buff to a shine with t cut or similar

You should use tinted lacquer before you fit the decal otherwise you will tint the decal - use clear nitro or cellulose but make sure it is compatible with the type of decal you are using.

If you need any more help give me a shout


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