Discovering the Broadcaster....

December 18th, 2005, 09:53 PM
Well, I finally dropped a Seymour Duncan Broadcaster into one of my Telecasters and I must say, I'm a little surprised. Surprised that it sounds that good, really! The pickup seems to give you alot by playing with the tone control. It can get nasty and raspy like a swarm of bees, or smooth out and get that chewy, gooey overdriven Tele lead tone. Clean it up and get nice big twang or good steel guitar tone. It also does real nice rock tone ala Keith Richards. Its made me play around alot with techinque as well. I guess as caught up as we can get in all the boutique stuff, The old favorites can still do the job...And do it well.

December 18th, 2005, 09:55 PM
It's currently my favorite Tele Bridge pickup... I like it a little better than my HD '54 Special because of the lower output. The HD is 8.0k-8.1k (?) and the Broadcaster is around 7.9k, and it makes a big difference, at least to me.

Mark Davis
December 18th, 2005, 10:35 PM
I'd say the old SD Broadcaster is the best all around Tele bridge pickup there is.

You can always find them used for resonable prices even new they arent that much a great pickup for Esquires too.

December 18th, 2005, 10:54 PM
I'll echo lightnin1 about the Broadcaster and the tone control. There is a lot a versatility to this pickup. You can can get bite, twang and smooth. Of course, I installed a Hovland .047 cap when I installed the Duncan, so I'm sure it's the combination of the two that I like so much.

But it's good for more than clean Tele pickin' too! I really like how the Broadcaster sounds through a distorted amp too. For example, I add a fuzz box and use this guitar to play Sweet's "Wig-Wam Bam."

December 18th, 2005, 11:07 PM
Also good for that old Michael Bloomfield or early Yardbirds and Zeppelin tone. Mark Davis is absolutely right, you can just about steal them used. I've seen them go for about $25.00 used at times, but scoffed at using them until now. It really opens me up to other lower priced alternatives. I've heard that Seymour's JD kicks some serious cheeks. Cvansickle is also right, I installed a .047 Hovland capacitor on a pine Tele with Voodoos that I had. It really seemed to open up the tone alot. It seemed to make the tone control even more useful, despite what is said, I found that capacitor to make a difference in the tone of that guitar.

December 31st, 2005, 09:04 PM
I put a Duncan Broadcaster into my Esquire conversion and it was just what the doctor ordered.

January 1st, 2006, 11:21 PM
I think I sold mine for $25!

I really don't the SD Broadcaster at all and I've installed 2 different ones in 3 different guitars.

It's just not for me I guess.

I did have an SD '54 that I loved though.