Zoom B2.1U

August 5th, 2011, 04:27 AM
Sorry, sorry, sorry, this is a bass multi-effect I'm inquiring about.
If I cut a long story short, I ended up playing bass guitar at my local church twice a week (I'm not christian please don't insult me for that I'm doing it to help a friend who's a chaplain out). Essentially, I have no effects or anything of the like for bass but have quite a few for guitar, so I'm considering buying a bass multi-effect, specifically the Zoom B2.1U.
One thing I noticed about this is that it has a USB port on it. I figured I could use it for bass when I'm playing at the church/playing recreationally but I got the idea that I could use it to record stuff for standard electric guitar.
Can I get an opinion if this would effect the sound by cutting the high end due to the effect being designed for bass? If I use my electric guitar for recording I'll be using my individual effects.
My guitar setup is,
Telecaster -> TC Electronic Mojomojo Overdrive -> Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff -> TC Electronic Nova Delay -> Line 6 Verbzilla -> Vox VDL1 looper
don't know if that helps but please give me feedback

Thank you