Pickup changes in a Stagg T490 Tele

April 25th, 2011, 05:33 PM

I just picked up a Stagg T490 Tele with a great bigsby copy. Lovely maple neck, nice alder body but as I expected the stock PUPs are quite muddy (neck - T style single coil , bridge - double coil/humbucker). I would really like to change these for something with scooped middle, trebly, with some or moderate bass so I can reasonably cover surf/country/British Invasion/power pop/Shoegaze. Would like some way or minimizing or cancelling noise.
I had thought about a crazy idea of putting in two out of phase jaguar PUPs, but I don't really want to do any body filling for the bridge PUP. So, how about (from SD):
Vintage Rhythm STR-1/ in neck and Stag Mag™ SH-3 in bridge? Or
Alnico II Pro for Tele (rhythm) APTR-1 neck and Stag Mag™ SH-3 in bridge? Vintage Stack® Tele (lead & rhythm) STK-T3b & STK-T1n and Stag Mag™ SH-3 in bridge?

I'm thinking with the last combination I can split both HBs to get 'strat like' (at least thats what I've read for these) or 'Rick toaster like' for surf/shoegaze. Then I can use either HB (both coils) for higher output probably with some loss of janglyness I guess, for rock/British invasion/power pop - something 'like' the high output single coil in Ricks used by REM, Smiths, Jam. Obviously, some of the Tele twang will be lost, but at least it will give a nice edge to the general chimy/jangle/glassy sound. Can these two PUPs be used together, what would a 'middle position' sound like? I'm thinking to swap the 3 way selector for a 5 way: Stacked HB neck/one coil of the neck stack/a single coil from each HB in parallel/one coil of the bridge HB/full bridge HB or one coil of the HB neck stack/stacked neck HB/both HBs/brdige HB/one coil of the bridge HB.

Oh, and generally I play through a clean channel.
Any ideas?