need help

December 4th, 2010, 04:59 AM
so i recently got a squire thinline tele in a trade...i love the guitar, but cant stand the ugly finish....i wanna re-finish it but im completely lost as to where to start. what kind of paint should i use? would it be better to use an airbrush or just straight out of the can? if i decide to show the wood grain how would i go about making the wood grain pop? what kind of clear coat do i use? pretty much i just need to know everything about painting a guitar as im sort of new to this whole thing...any help would be greatly appreciated

December 4th, 2010, 05:06 AM
You need to post pics of the guitar as it looks now and explain what you are after exactly. Also, just take some time and search throughout these threads. They contain a plethora of info and many questions will be answered depending on how much you are willing to learn on your own. Then...when that is exhausted, come back here and ask away.

Most of us are completely willing to give strikingly intellectual, fact filled answers that seemingly oppose each other at every turn making your foray into guitar finishing confusing and exciting all at once. You'll become just like us...not knowing where to start and just jumping in and seeing what works for you, while at the same time trying to obtain perfection and finding mediocrity instead.

Then it will be back to square one. You'll try hard to find a reason why you should just live with what you've just created, but then you will come to the grand realization that you really could do just a little bit better than that, and you'll somehow justify stripping down the wonderful new USACG strat body you just finished spending 3 months on. It never ends.

You will eventually do a fantastic job on your project, only to find one ridiculous flaw a month later that needs to be fixed, and you will not be able to live with yourself until it is not there any more. But then...you will sand just a little bit to much....

It's a fast ride man. Enjoy the journey.

Edit...Oh and welcome!