Question about out-of-phase wiring! (Nashville Tele)

November 2nd, 2010, 05:35 PM
Hey guys,

I'm building a nashville telecaster. As much as I have learned about the awesomeness of baja's and other sweet mods (like direct through switching) I have realized that the third pickup isn't really necessary to get a plethera of tone out of a tele.

What do you think about wiring the middle pickup out of phase? I like the out of phase sound people get out of the baja. Do you think this would make a typical out of phase sound? Has anyone tried this and do they have a demo? I suppose it would be the same thing as wiring the middle pickup of a strat out of phase which would also be a good demo.

I am using two keystones :grin: for neck and bridge pups, and a nal5 guitarfetish noise-canceling pickup for the middle pup. Both of my 250k pots will be DPDT, one will switch on and off the mid pup, and one will switch on and off direct through wiring. (wiring directly to the output jack) I am also going to use a 4 way custom shop switch for neck and bridge.

Thanks in advance!