Quick, Someone Give Me $ 2,000.00!

October 30th, 2010, 12:25 PM
BF Vibrolux just posted on the CL in my hometown. Don't know if the price is good or not, but the amp sure looks to be in great condition.


October 30th, 2010, 05:48 PM
That is a nice looking '67....April by the tube chart. The seller would have to disclose much more info in order to get a knowledgable buyer to talk money. imo.

October 30th, 2010, 06:52 PM
cast, I am with you...CL is such a blessing and a curse at the same time. Usually depending on your income level, or cashflow. It makes me cry at least once a week, but yet I stay looking (in case some money falls in my lap). Nice amp and a lot of dough.

Dan German
October 30th, 2010, 06:52 PM
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