1st DIY Tele, to revamp, or not to....

September 26th, 2010, 09:17 AM
When I 1st became a user here a few years back, the sole purpose was to gain some knowledge to make a guitar, a Tele specifically, Circa 2003.

Funds where a big issue, so cheapo all the way, but not at the expense of junk.
Got a Rondo Strat neck, and a glued up blank of 4 piece walnut with a 5/8" one piece cap of clear white ash.

I had no real concept of weight for a Tele, and in fact had played and owned 2 LesPaul Customs over 7-8 years before they got sold and I took 25 year off fret diddling, raising chidruns, running a contractor biz, mostly custom stuff.. Blah Blah...

Anyway, reshaped the Rondo Strat headstock via the guess that shape method, and cut and shaped the body similarly.

End result, 'Two Ton Tele' as I have referred to her as lovingly here many many times.

12 lb. of wood and metal bits, plays really well too.

Thus the pole, and I may just leave it be and give it to my one son, as he kind of digs it and is a music major, and although guitar is not an instrument he plans to play per say, he wants to teach and possible conduct, and adding the ability to play lots of instrument to at least be able to play is something he desires. Violin and keyboard so far, violin main instrument...

It is a tung oil burst by the way.

I am leaning toward just giving it to my son as is. He is the sentimental type. His 2010 birthday I got him a 80 year old 'MIN' Stradivarius clone violin, his #1

MIN= 'Made In Nippon'. MIJ stuff was not called that until after WWII, when it all said
'Made in Occupied Japan' for a while before stuff started saying Made in 'Japan' on it. ;)

Daily dose of TDPRI trivia ? maybe...

I present [again] Two Ton Tele

[Multiple votes allowed]

September 26th, 2010, 09:31 AM
I'd leave it as is and pass it along to the boy kid. It looks like it has tons of mojo... maybe 2 tons of mojo... :wink: so why mess with that.

September 26th, 2010, 09:38 AM
BTW, At the neck cutout: instead of a Router hump, it has a 'Robert Hump' ;)

More Tele ignorance, I could not allow the body to not be even with the side of the neck, God forbid. ;)