62 Bluesbreaker Mod questions

May 3rd, 2010, 09:47 PM
Hey, I've got my 1st amp mod going on here and could use all feedback and direction. I've got a RI 62 Bluesbreaker and am using a Mod from Raw-sewage, http://www.raw-sewage.net/jtm45ri_mods.html
Changing out the power tubes and even the preamp tubes are easy enough. It appears to have had a recent cap job, (the fella I got this from passed away last year and it's found it's way here after he had only just begun, RIP) and replacing the filter caps with what's suggested is easy enough, but the power transformer looks tricky. I've never tried something like this before. I've wired plenty of guitars...but...I've got the transformer recommended from Mercury Magnetics. I don't want to start the process only to get all twisted around and have to take it to someone to finish it up. I've spent hours on books and videos, but if it the opinion here that a novice, regardless at how intelligent and resourceful shouldn't attempt it, i'll take yalls advice, however if you think this might be something someone like me could handle, I could use advice and direction.
Appreciate ya.