Nick Fanis
July 12th, 2004, 07:14 AM
More amazing things from this wonder machine!

we have been recording the "actress album" (for those who remember the thread I started 2 months ago!!) and we have finished the bass,drum and keyboard tracks.

Yours trully has started recording guitars on Friday (using a stereo set-up of my RIVERA QUIANA and TRRI plus my huge pedalboard)

The original plan was to use my old and tried a/m mentionad set ups and not to waste time w/ experimenting w/ the Tonelab SE I have recently bought.

So Friday is ok and within 2 hours I manage to cut all the clean guitars on 4 songs.

Sat.morning I enter the studio ready for recording on the rest of the songs when....BAM the recording console is on FIRE!!!(no kidding!!)

The engineer goes crazy and at least he manages to shut of the power before anything worse happens!

It turns out that the master "slice" of the console is totally burned out.It is Sat evening so everything closed till Tuesday (music shops in Greece during the Summer remain closed on Mondays)

Only solution so that we stay on the tight scedual is to record DIRECTLY in the computer!! This means NO amps!!

I plug my Tonelab's stereo outs directly to the pc's inputs and I am getting ready for a "mediocre" sound at least compared to the amps..
Yes? well.... NO!!

It simply sounds FANTASTIC (just a bit more "in your face" than amps)
especially with a little help from "AMPLITUBE" the results are stuning!! (especially on the dirty sounds).

10 hours later we are done, the tracks sound great and the day is saved!!

we have even recorded the parts I have recorded on Friday w/ the amps , w/ the tonelab and the results were extremely similar!!

Thanx Tonelab!!

July 12th, 2004, 11:34 AM
Modellers have come a long way.

July 12th, 2004, 12:10 PM
What a great story!

I'm delighted to read about your TLSE success in the studio.

It's a fantastic tool, isn't it?

I've read you other TLSE posts, Nick, and am in full agreement with your positive review.

I've had so much fun with mine at rehearsals and gigs. This past weekend I got to use the full rig--check it out:

* Carr Rambler and Vox AC-15
* Hot Plate and DEQ 224 (stereo eq--omigod it's fine)
* Cray strat
* JJ Baritone
* RIC 660-12 (maiden voyage gig for this 12-string)

Other guitarist covered the telecaster segs!

Nick Fanis
July 13th, 2004, 03:09 AM
ednew I can't agree more w/ you!
the TL is exactly what you describe: a TOOL.

Nobody says that it sounds better than real amps but in some situation,were portability and lack of time are real issues (like in everyday life :lol: ) these things can really help...

and they do sound great,I don't care if the amps sound exactly like the one they model but if they sound GOOD it's allright be me!