To sell or not to sell? Xotic BB plus

Red Sun
February 15th, 2010, 02:10 AM
Well Ive been thinking lately about selling my bb plus. I currently own a bb preamp and ocd, maxon od 9, xotic rc, ehx big muff tone wicker and a keeley katana.

Im considering selling one because I like the bb preamp more. 2 becuase I have a rack setup with eventides and midi switching and I was considering building a rehearsal board and for this i wanted to get a carbon copy for my delay needs. I was also considering just getting a zendrive or a fulldrive hehe cant get enough od.

My rig so you can have an idea.
Touring rig:
Pedal Board:
Turbo Tuner
Line 6 wireless
EB Vol. Pedal
Digitech Whammy
Vox Clyde with Icar pot
Fulltone Deja 2

Axess electronics GRX4
Moog Lpf
Fulltone OCD
Xotic BB Preamp
Maxon OD9

Voddo Labs GCX
Keeley Katana
EHX Pulsar
Eventide Mod Factor
Eventide Time Factor
AMp switching between gibson and orange

So for my small rehersal board I was thinking of having my wah maybe the deja 2 or a phase 90 script i have in the studio. An ocd or the bb (maybe both) and an rc booster. An Ehx wiggler or the pulsar ( i can always swap em) and a carbon copy. Small enough to haul around with out it being a pain in the ass and my back.

So what do you guys think? Should i sell the bb plus? I like it i dont use it that much its more like a hey its there if its needed but not my main go to.
What should i fund a carbon copy or continue my od fetish and get a zendrive or a fulldrive 2 mosfet?

Opinion are appreciated.