Spray Paint and Hard Cases

Gangster No:1
January 19th, 2010, 07:13 AM

Apologies if this is the wrong forum but I had a look and it seemed the best match due to the chemical question I want to ask.

I've been offered a deal on a nice used guitar but the the original hard case has a band's logo spray painted on to it and I'm unsure about being able to get it off. It looks like a standard spray paint that would be used on cars or for grafiti 'art'. The hard case is a standard textured type rather than a smooth one.

Has anyone here experimented with different removers on hard cases? Is it relatively easy to do with a bit of elbow grease and the right remover?

Also, I live in the UK so I think product and chemical names differ from the US names. Any pointers on that too would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

January 19th, 2010, 07:21 AM
Perhaps you should leave it alone. If the band named on the case has any notority, it could be a real chick magnet! LOL!

If the case is covered with Tolex, you can use just about anything short of PVC solvent on it to remove the offending paint.

I would first check the chemicals in a can of paint remover and then compare that with PVC bonding solvent. If the chemicals are not alike, then you should be able to proceed without a problem. Test a small area first.

January 19th, 2010, 09:33 AM
Start with denatured alcohol. Then try mineral spirits (we call it "paint thinner" but you don't actually thin paint with it; white spirits or paraffin oil in your land?) or naptha (lighter fluid). We have a mix of toluene and other solvents called "goo gone" which is used to remove dried latex (emulsion) paint, and that should work. Last resort is acetone or MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) or lacquer thinner (a mix of acetone and some other solvents). Be sure to use plenty of fresh rags or heavy paper towels because you might just wind up smearing the stuff all over. It's also possible to use paint stripper, especially if you use one of the milder ones that are "friendly" or citrus based, just as long as you don't leave it on very long then the Tolex will be relatively unaffected (test a small spot first, etc. etc.). At worst you'll knock the gloss off a little. I don't think you can get it back to new condition but you can at least remove the other band's name. Unusual they'd do that in the first place unless it was a road case.