Auto Login... Reset your cookies

January 3rd, 2004, 07:13 PM
If you are suddenly having problems with auto login on the TDPRI you need to manually erase your tdpri.com cookies. Here is a step by step tutorial:

1. Log Out of the TDPRI

2. Close your browser

3. Open your browser (not to the tdpri.com)

4. Go to tools>internet options>temporary internet files -Setting>Settings-view files.

5. Search for all tdpri.com and www.tdpri.com cookies (but only cookies not other files) and delete them. You'll be deleting 2 cookie files. Cookies have your_computer_user_name@tdpri.com or your_computer_user_name@www.tdpri.com. (To make them easy to find, click on the word "NAME" at the top of the file manager and the cookies will be in alpha order so you can easily find tdpri.com in the "T's" and www.tdpri.com in the "www.T's")

6. Close your browser

7. open your browser go to www.tdpri.com

8. log on and click the "log on automatically" box

9. Close your browser -- do not log out.

When you immediately come back to the TDPRI you should be automatically logged on. Then DON'T log off again.

Hope this helps.
PS. Don't ever log out or "auto login" is defeated.