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Old October 9th, 2005, 05:54 PM   #1 (permalink)
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STRANGE Live Setups

I've got a Marshall TSL60 head that has an extremely clean "Clean channel". In fact it is almost as "honest" as a PA! From time to time, I use it as an Acoustic amp...

In fact, I'm thinking of using my L.R. Baggs ParaDI in front of the Marshall as well.

Has anybody used an especially "color-less" Clean channel on an amp for Acoustic/electric work?


Depending on the show/use/band I use my Marshall - OR - my '72 Champ mic'ed into a powered PA cab... I'm thinking on some shows perhaps the Marshall can wear more hats more often :)

In my Champ scenario the PA cab is my "Acoustic" amp as well as mic'ing the Champ... as uh, my "Champ's amp". HAHA!


3 Gibsons, 5 Teles, assorted other guitars, about a dozen amps, about two dozen pedals, a Smith & Wesson SW40VE, & a .40 SIG Sauer P226R = too many toys, no money, carpal tunnel, and a serious hearing problem.
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I use a G&K Backline 250 head clean channel running through a 4x10 carvin tweed cab. My guitar is a Taylor Big Baby with a Fishman Neo-D. For my electric rig I just run the guitar through a Boss FZ-3 fuzz, makes for a great hollowbody sound.
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i've always been very happy with the way my baggs sounds through my champ. very warm tone.
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