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The Deluxe has gone through many changes

I have one that is single bound, contoured body, 3 lace sensor pickups and the toggle switch between tone & vol controls. There is also a 3 pickup noiseless model deluxe with no toggle switch. I believe that one is also contoured and perhaps single bound There is also the current Deluxe with two pickups. I also have a '91 Tele Deluxe Plus with the dual red lace sensor in the bridge, & blue lace sensor in the neck. This is not contoured or bound. I have to say that I'm really confused about the "Deluxe" model of Tele and what Fender keeps changing on them, almost yearly. Of course there's also the "Deluxe" series which is MIM (Nashville & Nashville Power Tele). It's hard to keep them all straight or to know what someone is talking about when the say "I have a 'Deluxe' Tele". I have two of them (the '91 & '97) and while they are quite different I like them both a lot.
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