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Originally Posted by Balthazar View Post
The most natural thing to expect from a no-load potentiometer, when the knob is turned fully clockwise, would be that there's infinite resistance between the left lug and the center lug, and zero resistance between the center lug and the right lug.
That's true of a pot that has been modified by cutting part of the resistive strip, but it is not true of modern Fender no-load pots.

I have a video that shows some of this here:

Originally Posted by Balthazar View Post
Such a potentiometer could be used both for tone and volume. If Fender no-load pots work this way, they could also be used for volume.
You still can't use a pot like that as a no-load volume wired the way volume pots are typically wired, because the output of the guitar is wired (normally) to the wiper of the pot. When the pot goes no-load, the wiper is not connected to anything. You'll get no output at all in the fully clockwise position.

You can use a no-load pot as a no-load volume by connecting both the output of the pickup selector switch and the wire to the output jack to the middle terminal of the no-load pot (the wiper), leaving the 3rd terminal unused (terminal 1 still goes to ground). The problem with that setup is that as you turn the volume down, you load the pickups with a smaller & smaller impedence which rolls off highs dramatically. And, you can't wire in a treble bleed type circuit to counter that.

If you want no-load volume, you're still better off with a switch that bypasses the volume pot.
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