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Originally Posted by ToneShark View Post
Haha. I guess I could explain my aversion to NGD threads - for me, I mean, I love guitars, but they're really just tools. I don't believe in giving them girl names, or sleeping in bed with them, or telling people all about how much mojo mine has, etc. So to get a new guitar, it's usually a very nonchalant thing for me. I don't do it very often either, as I've pretty much been grinding the same ax for the last few hundred gigs. So to make a big deal about getting a new one, to me, seems kind of silly. It's usually kind of a non-event... and I've seen my share of NGD threads (especially over at TGP) for some really average guitars. That often end up in the Emporiums over there about 2 months later.

This guitar, however, is a cut above pretty much every other Tele I've owned thus far (and that's a LOT of Teles, my friends). It's a Fender CS 53 Heavy Relic. I'm not a real big fan of relics, but luckily they took it easy with the belt sander on this one and it doesn't look that ridiculous.

I'll try to get a clip of some sort... I got it Saturday so I brought it out that night for a trio gig, not realizing we were going to be in crazy close proximity to hordes of drunk bachelorette-party-goers. So this guitar has now been baptized in beer (and hormones).

Got a good run of 3 really big shows this weekend, so it's going to get quite a workout.
The two comments in bold kinda counter one another do they not?

I think NGD threads are cool, on a forum like this people are understandably happy to show of their new toys to like minded guitarists. Yours is a sweet looking guitar, so why not show it off and express your happiness, I hope you get many many years of enjoyment out of it, as above all that's why we all play right? Whether a hobbyist or a gigging musician like yourself these are ultimately tools we use to make ourselves happy, so why not celebrate it!
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