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I'm really happy with the T-O. I don't find it sticky at all. I've done two necks with it. I waxed them with car wax at the end (about 3 coats, as recommended by Colt), and they're slick. I have a fairly thick coating on mine, enough to get a lacquer-like gloss. That was a LOT of coats. . . . The finish is holding up well, but I don't bang 'em around much. T-O is really a kind of varnish; my impression is that it's considerably tougher than shellac. I haven't used shellac myself, but I remember it peeled off the furniture pretty easily when I was a kid.

I used a white plastic eraser to wet-sand.

I tapered one end of it down to fit up tight against the frets. I also used a razor blade to scrape the build-up at the frets, but if you keep your coats thin, it doesn't really build up that much.

I buffed it with micro-mesh pads, and then wax, as I said above.

Anyway, not as tough as poly, maybe not quite as tough as nitro. But it feels good.
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