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Great Comments On What Makes A Guitar Player Sound Like They Do

Ok..So I just read an interview in Guitar Player magazine with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, who is the guitarist for the band 'Mars Volta'. He made a comment on what really gives a guitarist their personal sound, and thought I had to post it here. I found it to be quite profound..if I can use such a dramatic word here :)

He states:

"People always ask me, "Are you one of those guys where the gear matters a lot or not at all?" And I say, "Both." I love gear, because I'm a nerd. But the fact of the matter, it's not about the gear-it's about the person using it. It's about their life. That's what creates the music. I mean, we all know those people that obsess about, "Well, for this song, Jimi had this Marshall and he used the round Fuzz Face, and the Strat...but you have to play the Strat upside down because the extra length on the E string is what really gave him his sound.." But I say, no, the sound came from the fact that he had a tumultuous relationship with his father that never got resolved. The sound came from the fact that he had a brother who was in and out of jail. The sound came from the fact that he wanted to be accepted by the black community and he wasn't. So you can get every piece of gear that was ever in Jimi's hands, but the point is that you ain't never gonna sound like him. Ever."

Now, we all know, it's the guitarist plus the gear. But I really liked the way he presented this. Whether the facts he mentions about Jimi are fully accurate or not, I do not know. But the point was taken and accepted by me.

And I assume we all know who "Jimi" is in this statement.

Oh..and he also mentioned he used mostly a Tele on their new album, 'Noctourniquet'. Which I find a very enjoyable album....yeah..I still call them albums..and I even grew up in the time when the cassette was king..LOL.

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