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Hey! Thanks for the response.

I am fully aware of the Black Dove Tele. It seemed tempting, but it would turn out to be a guitar that I would start replacing parts on because it's simply not "up to snuff" to the quality that I'm wanting. I actually love the large 70s strat headstock, but I dislike the color (it needs to be tinted...white looks so out of place). There's one huge expense there. I'm fairly sure that my Fralin P90s would own what Fender puts in there, so there's something else I'd have to replace. I tend to like the tele brass tree bridge, and not the strat-style steel bridge, as well. I'd have to change the color of the knobbs. All that stuff starts adding up.

Thinline deluxe looks great, but some of the same issues above. You know Guitar Center had a P90 Tele exclusive that came in black over the holidays? I believe that it was also a MIM instrument. I actually went into the store intending to buy one, but they didn't have anything in stock.

I want this to be a no compromise guitar. There is something about P90s in a Tele with a Maple neck that just really catches me. It's probably the most versitile guitar on the planet, actually. Slam it in the neck position, and you get some great chunky sounds for blues. Slam it to the bridge position, and you get a chainsaw, AC/DC type screaming sound. In the middle leaves a nice, clean sound. In my eyes, it's the ultimate combo for the ultimate guitar.

Just got off the phone with Warmoth again. I told them to drill the guitar for a Vintage Tele bridge, since I'm now not trusting that burrito looks like it's drilled for American Standard STRAT routing, and not American Standard tele routing if you pay close attention to the picture...

Since the guitar is drilled for tele vintage now, it leaves me with two great options on his site--either the half bridge or the chopped bridge. I emailed him and told him to provide me some dimensions with both, and then I can measure the space with the pickguard when the guitar gets here (10 weeks), and then place the order.

Warmoth Guitar is ordered!

Some of you guys are thinking about this the wrong way. The way I see it, is that I finally found a unique combo that I absolutely love (thanks to Squier). Fender doesn't offer this combo in the quality that I'm looking for. Since I love the combo so much, I'm going to have to build it. Since I'm going through the effort, why compromise? This guitar, when finished, will have the quality of a custom shop instrument, especially when my luthier does the "touch up" things after I'm done with it. I happen to feel that it will turn some heads...and that it still stays VERY true to the tele format. It will have an awesome vintage look to it...

The only thing is the wait...10 weeks!
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