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Guys, I need some quick help. This is basically the last uncertainty I have:

I'm wanting to use the "La Burrito Bridge" from here:

It's the only bridge that has 3 mounting screws...the rest are the vintage 4 screws mount.

ôLa Burrito Bridge" $90.00 ea.
Made to exact dimensions as the "American Standard Hardtail bridge" but with my compensated saddles for that correct look feel and tone a Tele deserves. 2.09" (53.08599mm) string spacing. Nickel plate Cold Roll Steel Plate with you're choice of saddles.

Warmoth says that I will want to go with the "Fender American Standard Flat Mount" bridge routing, and then that "should work."

Here's the specs on a "Fender American Standard Flat Mount"

String spacing is 2 1/16" (52.39 mm)

You'll notice that the string spacing isn't exact, but it's very close.
Can you guys confirm if this will be work?

After that, then I'm placing the order! Thanks for any fast responses!

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