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Originally Posted by mattdean4130 View Post
Diskwarrior will do nothing for a physically damaged drive. It only repairs filesystem errors.

If you dropped it while it was running, chances are the platter has brushed the disk surface (making it almost impossible to recover the data)
The more you do to it the less chance you have.
Being that you've erased and re-installed your chances for recovery are pretty slim, but you should have it checked out by a shop.

There are a lot of other mechanical parts in a macbook, the most important being fans. If you've dislodged something and a fan is not working efficiently you can destroy your processor (which means logic board replacement) pretty quickly.

Hopefully, you'll get lucky and just have to replace the hard disk - but i'd say it's slim chances of getting your data too. I would really recommend getting it checked out though, because Apple hardware is pretty compact, and can have lower tolerances than other brands - meaning something moving a couple of milimetres can cause big problems.

How do i know this, i was an Apple Certified tech for about 5 years

platter brushed the disk surface? do you mean read / write head?
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