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Honestly, I feel like all of the blackface/silverface amps sound very similar, with the obvious difference in power. They all have different characteristics due to different circuits, power ratings, speaker configurations, etc. But they still all sound like different variations of the same amp to me. The Champ is the baby, Princeton is the Jr, then the Deluxe, Vibrolux, Pro, Super, Twin, etc. They all behave differently due to the circuits and size, but personally, I'd consider them in the same family. I have a Princeton that I play with 99% of the time, and I played a friends Deluxe Reverb at a show recently and I feel like my tone was pretty much the same. I could hear myself better onstage due to the fact that it's more powerful and a bigger speaker, but really think my tone was very similar.

So long story short, and I know I'm in the minority, but I'll vote for the Princeton being the Jr of the Deluxe. They sound a little different, but close enough to me.
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