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Originally Posted by teleplayer1000 View Post
Ive been painting cars for 26 years. I used to smoke cigarettes while i was painting a car. Back in my younger stupider days. Point is, its pretty damn difficult to get enough concentration of solvents to blow up. Ive actually never seen a fire in a paint booth. I would however not suggest having an open flame in your booth while your painting. I guess thats pretty obvious i just felt it nessacary to say.
Atmospheres in commercial booths generally don't reach flammable/explosive levels, that's what they're designed for, so accidents or idiots, don't start fires. Most of the paint operations I see today are pretty sophisticated, even small body shops, because partially of multi-component paints that demand an air-supplied respirator. Never seen anybody smoking in one of those things, but there's still time.
My experience is that most paint operation fires start in the "prep" area, (where you can usually see lots of overspray on the floor), when somebody has kicked a cigarette butt into a wad of paint-covered masking material, however, I feel it necessary to say I have seen booth fires in body shops, or I should say, the aftermath of them. They're called "total losses". One of the "perks" of being in the insurance bidness.
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