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A lot of fuzz pedals aren't loud enough without a booster in a live setting behind it. I use a boost pedal behind it actually I use a tech 21 para drive behind it because it's an eq and booster in one! I turn on and off both fuzz and booster together with a looper pedal.

A lot of mid scoop in a standard muff. Some have more mid range. I don't know enough about big muffs to fully explain. (That sounds kinda funny).

So I would recommend a boost pedal behind it. Anyone pedal will do though I love being able to shape the fuzz if needed,(maybe cut a little treble maybe add a little mid range, ect), with my para driver. ;)

Edit: You can find a louder fuzz pedal but a booster is great to have. I also use the boost pedal after my overdrive and so the booster for me is not being used a one trick pony. I also use the booster by itself to boost amp.
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