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Magnetism and Electricity... Do you get it?...

Magnetism and Electricity... Do you get it?...
do you grab the real strangeness of it all?... pushing 2 magnets together, and something you can't see is pushing them apart or sticking them together,,...... push an electron into a copper wire.. and instantly.. one electron pops off the other end of the wire ..if it has somewhere to go.... but the wire doesn't change..

I do.. and I don't... get it

as much as I understand a lot of real theory and I grew up at my Dad's workbench sorting resistors and watching him build/repair Valve circuits for radios, tape decks, PA's TV's.. 60's stuff.. hi tech,

I still don't get how "they" figured out that by "bending/shaping" electricity in certain circuits, inventing new things like wires, valves, transformers, caps, resistors, pots, joining them together in specific patterns..etc..
.waving wires over coils and magnets and finding out current is created in wires....generators...
Then beaming out huge waves of "something" from towers that you could suck unseen from the air, beamed from miles away..and turn it into radio/sound... with a crystal radio circuit even... or a big boomy radiogram..

Weird science..

and now we mess with wood, strings, magnets, wires, coils, valves, etc...
and get the sound of a Telecaster.... ain't it great..that sound...

Still a true wonder to me everyday..... as much as we can analyse the science behind it, ad finitum...

I love the magic that magnetism, wires and electricity create...

We live in it, we are surrounded by it.. we ourselves are electric... our guitars make it...and give it away along cable thingys to stranger boxes.. Amplifiers.Oooooo. that make it sound kinda HUGE on 11...

now come on?.. do you really get it?... ..

at what point up the electricity hill do you fall off the cliff into complete mystery?... Huh?... I was with you up untillll.

"by degrees the flood of music drove all speculations out of his mind. It was as though it were a kind of liquid stuff that poured all over him and got mixed up with the sunlight that filtered through the leaves."
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