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Originally Posted by Martin R View Post
Don't know if the thread is about Robert's or JD...but I'd like to put a plug in for some clubs that aren't downtown.

Third and Lindsley, The Basement and Mercy Lounge/Cannery are all near downtown and always have great bands, (of course, every band playing in Nashville is awesome).

And my absolute favorite club is The Family Wash in East Nashville. Check out Tuesday nights...Pint and a Pie for $10, short sets by neighborhood musicians, (you'll be amazed at the folks you recognize), and the bar owner's band usually closes the night, and this is a good thing.
I've seen great bands at every place you mentioned.

I used to live about 2-3 blocks away from the Family Wash. GREAT Bar. The rock scene in Nashville is every bit as good as the Country scene. I had a lot of fun the few years I lived there. I wish DC's scene was as good. Thank goodness for the 9:30 club and the Black Cat.

Don't forget Exit In, and I forgot the name of the bar across the street, I've seen a bunch of great bands there too.

BTW, Robert's is my favorite of the Honky Tonks. definitely more Rockabilly than Country. I'd take friends that hated Country there and they always had a good time.
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