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Pickup recomendation for rock/grunge...

Hi, I'm new in this forum, and first of all, I want to say I've searched to find an answer of this question, but nothing exactly I need...
Maybe I don't know how to find becouse my poor english...

I have an American Standard Telecaster from 1998.
I'm very happy with the feeling I have when I play the guitar, but maybe I need more punch/volume from the pickups, bridge and neck.

I would like to have a nice overdrive sound with my tube amp, but I need a little more power.. I don't know how to say it...

Do you know wich pickups have my guitar?? I've never changed...

I usually play play Rock / grunge... I'd like to sound like eddie vedder's tele... Pearl Jam in general...
Can you recomend any pickup upgrade??

Can I adjust or do something to my standard pickups, to sound like that??

thanks a lot!!
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