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Brought my SF twin out of mothballs last week

been playing my twin off and on all week with my other amps, ive had the twin almost the longest
my main amps

Lil' Dawg deluxe with a little bigger OP section going through a jensen P15
with that i have a matching jbl D130 i run with it

kalamazoo reverb 12 with a vintage jensen 10 in it

the more i play them all and a/b them
i'm wondering why i ever bought an amp after the twin.
the others sound great.....but the twin...even in a small room and turned low....just has a presence that the others can;t touch.
it fills the room and is so touch sensitive.

the more i play it the more i feel its the best amp i've ever played

never gonna get rid of that thing

Merry Christmas all

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