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I am really just looking for that nice transparent sound. Just enough push to brighten things up. Again, I am a country picker and need my teles to sparkle a bit more than they currently do. Money isn't a huge issue. I have been after this tone a long time. Bought a new maz 38 head with open back cab, bought the paisley drive. I will more than likely go with the wampler.

And now a fun story about the internet age. I ordered the paisly overdrive. Wampler is about 45 minutes from my house. I have trouble getting it ordered and a guy from England help me get it. He is wamplers web guy. I expect the pedal to ship from Brian's place. Nope, comes out of Kentucky. Goes right by me and two hours north to Indianapolis with the mail. Gets lost in the mail. Post office says it is in Ellettsville. I drove there and go it. Ellettsville is about 20 minutes from martinsville, the town Brian lives in.......................Come on man. Just let me drive to your place and buy your awesome pedals!!!!!!!!
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