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Originally Posted by leatherbound View Post
Does anyone out there really tink that the Wampler sounds $130 better than they dyna comp?
(The question, not my mental status)
Well, I'll take the bait. Sound $130 better? Maybe, maybe not. I suppose that depends on your total financial portfolio and your commitment in terms of your tone, and ultimately, your ears. How OCD about this are you, and will your budget accommodate?

Now, I don't mean to suggest that "moar knobz dude!" means better value or better pedal, not at all. But in this case, I do think that the additional control the wampler offers is arguably worth the extra scratch. You can't cop all the sounds the wampler can with a DC, but you can set a wampler to sound like DC and more. Plus a much better warranty, component and build quality, and 18v, handmade in the USA by a small company run by a nice and knowledgable fella, if any of those things are persuasive to you.

Also, Hybridrocknroll is right about resale value, I think.
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