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Originally Posted by leatherbound View Post
I guess I am just being a gear snob in wanting the Wampler. He is my question though and I know this is totally suggestive. Does anyone out there really tink that the Wampler sounds $130 better than they dyna comp? I know that is a weird question but I can spend that $130 on something else. Anyone see my logic here. I am thinking that deep down I want the wampler because it costs more and I can go around talking about my expensive wamplers. Did I just give myself some self therapy? How does this make me feel? Yes, and how do you feel about that? Does that make me sad? What were your feelings like?

Ok I will stop: DISCUSS! (The question, not my mental status)
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Ha - I am not slamming Wampler. Brian makes awesome pedals! I'm just saying that all of those signature tones over the years were made with mass produced, dime-a-dozen effects pedals that did their job live and in the studio. Is the Wampler better? Probably. Is it a 130 bucks better? I doubt it. Am I going to drop that kind of money when I can grab a CS-3 for next to nothing on eBay? Not a chance. I'm sticking with Vince Gill on this one. He knows a thing or two about good tone as well. His opinion isn't on the forum, but it is all over his recordings.
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