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Originally Posted by studio1087 View Post
Compressors have so much subtle personality.

There are so many potential things that you could want or that you could be looking for.

Discussing compressors is almost as complex as discussing underwear.

(Pardon me).

I would go play an industry standard like an MXR Dyna Comp and see what you like and dislike and then play as many more as you can.

I have an old Dyna and it's sacred to me. I have an Analogman Juicer which is a Dan Armstrong clone on one board and a BBE BenchPress which is a ROSS clone on another board.

The BenchPress is really nice.

The Dyna Comp is hard to beat.

There are a bunch of good ones and the differences and subtle but so important.

DOD made a cheapie called the Milk Box that I love. I have a bunch of them as I play clean a lot and I love the sound and feel.

Start with a Dyna........go play with one. I have a Behringer Compressor that I painted for fun. It's not a bad sounding box but I wouldn't trust the construction long term.

Check out my Behinger Comp.....

I sat in bed after having ankle surgery and painted this with my son's model paints. It makes me chuckle.
That's a very suggestive photo and I find it very offensive..I mean..hilarious. Could have called it the Johnson Compressor.
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