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R. Keeley Wah DC Jack w/ Supply Filter

Hi all,

I have seen a lot of Wah questions lately, but none that covered this one.

I was thinking of having my Cry Baby modified by Robert Keeley for true bypass (not the one with all the bells and whistles, just true bypass). I notice they offer what is called a "Wah DC Jack w/ Supply Filter" for $30. Does anyone know exactly what this is and does? My Cry Baby is kind of noisey (unwanted hum and static) through my Blues Junior, so hoping this might be a special jack to help reduce that noise.

I emailed Robert Keeley, but did not receive a response and don't have time to call them on work hours. My feeling is that if this jack does not do what I want it to, it may make more sense to just purchase a Modtone Vintage Way for $60 to get the true bypass versus sending mine out to have the work done.

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