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MIJ '54 re-issue Esquire. It's a 86 as far as I cantell the were only made for a very short time. Here it is pickguard-less, normally has a single ply white guard. It's all original except for brass compensated saddles and schaller straplocks.

And my part-caster Esquire. Inspired by Billy Gibbons and hot rod cars. Still needs to get pinstriped when I can find someone to do it for me.

Vester alder body, top bound. Finished in matte black.
Eden LH neck for reverse headstock.
Wilkinson bridge w/ graphtech comp. saddles.
Custom Rockmonkey guitars pickup. It has a proper coil tap for extra hotness with the push/pull tone knob. see

Currently setup for slide with uber high action and 12s, pending a proper setup and fret levelling for regular playability.

Esquires straight through a Pro Junior!

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