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Wow - that Shell Pink is gorgeous - Im building a Shell Pink Strat on a Black Limba body - should be niece. Mean time my other favorite color is Fiesta Red - Here's a MoTone Esquire in FR with matching mint green pickguare & my dig "rocket" control plate. The body is 1.5" one piece samp ash from Revelator and the big V neck is from Musikraft with an aged back. Done Mare wound a custom "Tweed Monster" for this build - and it rocks!!!

I'm doing another Esqire with an Alder body shot in two tone Nitro and really nice grain. Neck is maple/rosewood - 10" radius & 6105 frets & a bone nut. I'm running a Rio Grande "Dirty Harry" in the bridge and some volume and tone. This is going to be a beautifull guitar.

Next I'm doing a Limba body shot in sonic blue nitro with a birdseye neck, w/Kingwood board and maybe a matching headstock - oh yeah - Fat ****ing Tone machines all.
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