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  1. Red Bread
  2. Bluetelecaster
    Guitars, Cadillacs, and Hillbilly music.
  3. Bluetelecaster
    Fortunately I keeps my feathers numbered for just such an emergency.
  4. Bluetelecaster
    Bluetelecaster stratohiker
    Hey man nice to meet you!
  5. Revo
    Admit it, you'll never be as cool as Keith Richards.
  6. IbanezTele
    Bring something to the people that want something. Hopefully the right something.
  7. tlw
    tlw stratofortress
    Thanks, it a little heavier than what I was looking for.
    1. stratofortress
      Not a problem and thanks for letting me know..
      Mar 18, 2019 at 11:18 AM
  8. Owenmoney
    How do I start a new thread from my iPad?
  9. BlueEbenzer
    Someone tell her to come back? Please?
  10. squiddog1
    squiddog1 JayFreddy
    Hi, I was reading some old posts about the Fender FSR Copper Burst Teles. You mentioned you had one had replaced the Pickups. I have one also and love the tone. I also have a Mim tele with Texas Specials, and don't like the tone. I was wondering if you still had those pickups you took out of the FSR. If so would you being willing to sell a set or trade for the texas specials?
    Dave V. Phoenix, AZ
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  11. stanger
    Getting back into the Telecaster again. Its a return to my roots.
  12. ladave
    ladave DADGAD
    Hello, was trying to PM you as you but not seeing that option.

    In any case if you wouldn't mind letting me know the shop or person so I don't take my guitars there, I would really appreciate it.

    I will not mention it in public or make any posts about as that seems to be your wish and I respect that.

    Thank you,

  13. -Lefty
    Thanks for the memories
  14. AceFX II
    AceFX II
    I Wanna Rock!
  15. Rustynuts
    Rustynuts Chill20
    Hi Chill20, I'm interested, Is the guitar for sale ? How much were you looking for it ? Cheers Rusty
  16. Wild Willy
    Wild Willy telerocker1988
    Hi my names Bill and live in Kentucky. Could you send me pics of your 50’s RW. I’m new here and don’t understand the hate. My is a 18 model and is the blonde color. And I love the way it looks and feels to.
    1. telerocker1988 likes this.
    2. telerocker1988
      Sure, check your PM's.
      Mar 11, 2019
  17. elpajarospeed
    △ Ore, lege, lege, lege, relege labore et invenies △
  18. Owenmoney
    I saw a funny quote about relic guitars
    1. Owenmoney
      The quote went “ relicing a new guitar to make it look old is likeclending your girlfriend to a biker gang so she’ll be more experienced
      Mar 10, 2019
  19. Bob48
    Finally done...Canada post lost my pickups for 6 weeks!!
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  20. Bob48
    Partscaster I finished last month. Pine body/Mighty mite neck and StewMac hardware, Golden Age pups. The pine has bit of an acoustic tone.
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