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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups

For Sale SOLD - 1975 Blonde Fender Telecaster - Bigsby, Mastery Bridge, Case For Sale

Excellent Condition, Player-Grade Vintage Tele

USD 2,250.00

UPDATE: I’ve found the original 6-saddle bridge plate and it will ship with the guitar! See last photo.

Here I have a very awesome blonde 1975 Fender Telecaster in excellent condition!

I purchased this guitar all-original with the intention of upgrading it to a level of dependable playability live and in the studio; this is a homerun for someone wanting to actually play and record with a solid vintage instrument.

Here are the improvements, all of which were completed by a professional luthier.

- Upgraded period correct Fender 70s tuners (required re-routing by 1 cm. Will ship with original tuners and bushings. They're a huge improvement over the originals with a much higher tuning ratio)

- Bigsby B5 tremolo

- Mastery M1 Bridge for improved tone, intonation and tuning stability

- Bone nut

- Refret completed by Montana Guitar Works in late 2017

- Installed a higher quality output jack

ALL other hardware and electronics are 100% original. That includes the neck, body, pickups, pots, pick guard, string trees, knobs. This has the desired staggered-pole bridge pickup and it sounds superb.

It has new locking strap buttons installed in the photos but I will ship it with the originals. Listing does not include strap in pictures.

The guitar was purchased with a generic tweed case (road runner) that will be included when shipped. It really deserves a vintage case but I never got around to purchasing one for it.

This gorgeous tele weighed an impressive 7lbs 11oz before the bigsby installation; this is almost unheard of for 70s teles. The bigsby adds an additional 1lb or so.

The guitar shows some nice and subtle wear, very little checking. Gorgeous shade of aged white/ yellow. There are some nicks here and there that are captured in the photos which are not dramatic and add to the allure. One or two small nicks on the back of the neck which are photographed, but do not affect playability.

The lacquer was removed from the fretboard after the refret making it much easier to play. It also made the maple really pop. No cracks, No repairs. It was recently set-up and intonated, so its all ready to go.

If you have any questions I will happily answer them. If you're more comfortable with direct interactions I can provide contact information and we can speak about it that way, as well.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you'll consider picking up this wonderful instrument.

$2250 + shipping obo
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Kalispell, MT