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For Sale Rover mandolin For Sale/Trade

model RM-35

USD 80.00
Rover model RM-35 (I think, can't really read the label) entry level mandolin. Nice playing and sounding mando for the $. Black finish. I'll also throw in a set of Martin strings. Asking $80 shipped to the USA but I'm open to offers. Would trade for a delay pedal of similar value.
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Columbia, MO


    1. davenumber2
      Price drop. $80 shipped for a nice mando.
    2. Bob Mc
      I won't be buying this because I own one, but I wanted to reinforce that the model represents a great value (especially at this price). It's darn near bullet proof and an excellent choice for guitarists looking for a utility instrument on a few tunes.

      No financial interest, GLWS.
      1. davenumber2 likes this.
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