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For Sale Neck from Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Butterscotch Blonde Sold

Free to a Good Home

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Neck from Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s - Butterscotch Blonde. 21 frets, very good condition. Light fret wear, fine scratches (barely perceptible) on fretboard at 15th fret. Fret photo shows worst case fret wear on 1st fret. Swapped out only because I prefer satin varnished back of neck over the glossy varnish on this maple neck. If you read reviews, folks are very happy with the quality and fretwork on these necks. I will ship to you using the double-box from Fender factory replacement neck shipment. It pains my conscience to see it sit around unused. These go for $169 on the open market in new condition with tuners - this is almost new, and it's free. Give me a good story as to what you'll use if for, give me your address, and if you're first in line it will arrive in the mail no charge. Really.
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