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Wanted MIM Telecaster Pickups Wanted

Clean out your parts drawer !

USD 6.00
i want a set of MIM Tele pickups to put in my ‘92 MIM Tele - any year of pickups - I don’t care .

I also don’t want to spend a lot , mainly because the market rate on removed/loose MIM Tele pickups is loooooow.

So, get ‘em out of your house, and I’ll get them into this guitar.

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    1. Endless Mike
      I've got a set from a Baja Tele. Twisted tele neck, and whatever they put in the bridge.
      Say 70.00 for the set, plus the actual cost of whatever shipping to you is?

      Let em know
    2. juankyman
      I have a fender scn tele neck. Good condition. $40. Hit me up if interested
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